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SWAMCAR is a fully autonomous wireless rechargable battery electric car . A 4-door hatchback car that can accomodate 5 passengers , it is

ideally suited to construct 100% autonomous urban transport solutions



  SWAMCAR propose plusieurs solutions pour des bornes de recharges sans fil . Ces bornes de recharges SWAMCHARGER avec des voitures électriques SWAMCAR  forment une solution idéale pour les besoins en mobilité



SWAMCAR is a fully autonomous car with level  autonomy

The SWAMCAR autonomous driving technology is based on NVIDIA’s latest Drive PX platform  . The 2018 SWAMCAR models will integrate the Drive PX2 technology and the following models will be integrated with Drive Pegasus technology.


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The SWAMCAR mobility solution consists essentially of

  1. SWAMCAR Electrical Vehicles
  2. SWAMCHARGER recharging stations
  3. SWAMCAR central data center (Server)
  4. Vehicle user devices
    1. Mobile phone application  to transmit the position of the vehicle user and to command he vehicle
    2.  NFC card to access the vehicle


Our projects

Artificial Intelligence based engineering

Artificial Intelligence based engineering


Autonomous technology development for Tabby : An open source vehicle

A very intertesting ongoing project under progress is the conversion of an open source vehicle TABBY into a fully autonomous vehicle .

This will begin by modifying the existing chassis and adding a very basic body so that the Lidars , Radars and cameras can be fixed .

This vehicle will be an off-road vehicle and will be used to conduct studies on autonomous vehicle technology and develop innovations in the field.


Flying car project

Flying car project



Our Partners

Who we are?

We design and develop concept cars . We are in the process of setting up a manufacturing plant and during the mean time the manufacturing process is outsourced to the best contract manufacturing firms.

  • Our fully autonomous car capable of wireless recharging will be rolled out in end 2018
  • Currently under conception is also a flying car which should be ready by starting of 2020
  • We have some extraordinary design tools and project management philosophies which enable us to achieve tecnological wonders

project progress

Autonomous technology development
A.I based engineering project
Flying car project


About us

SWAMCAR, a startup based in Nancy, Lorraine , France is engaged in the innovation and development of  a fully autonomous and wireless rechargable electric vehicle .

With the dawn of the fully autonomous vehicle , the age of robots has begun and mankind will be able to experience a more luxurious living escaping the drudgery and thus gaining more time for creative activities . SWAMCAR will endeavour in not only developing automated road transport solutions but also air transport solutions that include a flying car thus enbling man to defy gravity and achieve the impossible .


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