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SWAMCAR, a startup based in Nancy, Lorraine , France is engaged in the innovation and development of  a fully autonomous and wireless rechargable electric vehicle .

With the dawn of the fully autonomous vehicle , the age of robots has begun and mankind will be able to experience a more luxurious living escaping the drudgery and thus gaining more time for creative activities . SWAMCAR will endeavour in not only developing automated road transport solutions but also air transport solutions that include a flying car thus enbling man to defy gravity and achieve the impossible .


Artificial Intelligence based engineering

Artificial Intelligence based engineering


Autonomous technology development for Tabby : An open source vehicle

A very intertesting ongoing project under progress is the conversion of an open source vehicle TABBY into a fully autonomous vehicle .

This will begin by modifying the existing chassis and adding a very basic body so that the Lidars , Radars and cameras can be fixed .

This vehicle will be an off-road vehicle and will be used to conduct studies on autonomous vehicle technology and develop innovations in the field.