About us

SWAMCAR, a startup based in Nancy, Lorraine , France is engaged in the innovation and development of  a fully autonomous and wireless rechargable electric vehicle .

With the dawn of the fully autonomous vehicle , the age of robots has begun and mankind will be able to experience a more luxurious living escaping the drudgery and thus gaining more time for creative activities . SWAMCAR will endeavour in not only developing automated road transport solutions but also air transport solutions that include a flying car thus enbling man to defy gravity and achieve the impossible .

SWAMCAR will mobilize all its forces to accomplish this mission so that the citizens will own this radical car before the end of 2020.

SWAMCAR  development team is composed of top quality engineers with a passion for innovation and shares the same vision of developing a better electric mobility solution that is sustainable and economical.

SWAMCAR has established strong partnerships with several manufacturers in its value chain.

Founder, Entrepreneur and Inventor John Sanjay SWAMIDAS has more than 20 years of solid experience in the power electronics, embedded electronics, energy and computer industries. His experience is mainly in the fields of engineering, management and entrepreneurship. He is from Bangalore, India, and now lives in Nancy, France, and is French. He holds a degree in Management (MBA) with a degree in physical sciences. He is also the inventor of ‘Electricity transmission system without wires’ and has a French patent of invention carrying the Patent Number FR1300912. A first prototype of this system was realized and tested by him. Other advanced prototypes are under construction.